Sunday 23 October 2011

Idiosyncratic Decathlon, Hackney Wicked Festival 2011

It has taken quite some time to attempt to tally the scores of the first ever Cult of the Endorphin produced Idiosyncratic Decathlon and after much deliberation, we have found it impossible to have only one winner as all who took part went above and beyond. That said, there is a trippy video document of the event. Watch this space for potential party/worship/screening ...

The event was tailored as a response to some of the vibes going around down there in Hackney Wick at the moment. There is heated debate over what impact the Olympics will have on the artist community. Is a shake up a good thing or is it a disaster? Is inevitable doom exhilarating or is it just simply gloomy? The Idiosyncratic Decathlon offered a chance to shake off the stress and get into the natural highs of certain challenges that artists face today.

All Events Were Judged by Peer Review

Events Included:
The Re-Inventing the Wheel Wagon Wheel (mood) Roll Off
Contestants were judged on qualities like roll-ability, speed, re-inventiveness and old fashioned appeal

Homemade Shoe Time Trial
Contestants were required to make a pair of shoes out of materials found in skips around the Hackney Wicked Festival; then they had to see how far the shoes would go before breaking down

Breaking Out of a White Cube
Contestants were judged on a variety of qualities including: break out time, original approach, sound effects and energy expended

Log Saw-A-Thon Relay
Contestants were required to saw through a log, making a baton to exchange after running between trees

We do acknowledge that a decathlon is usually 10 events but seeing as these 4 events demanded so much, we decided they are the equivalent.